I wanted to give some updates.

Sidd Chauhan
2 min readMar 14, 2022


Original: Jan 2021

I will switch from making this newsletter a weekly thing to a bi-weekly one. In the new, bi-weekly editions I want to focus more on having more detailed findings for different areas of life.

The Areas of Life

  1. Financial
  2. Goals — Added in March 2022
  3. Social
  4. Health
  5. Knowledge

I think having a variety of different sources and how I am using the lessons from them will be more helpful. It is just sort of an experiment so let’s see how it will end up going.

Update: September 2021

The change to bi-weekly ended up having negative effects as I fell off track on the newsletters. The weekly timeline helps push create more overall. The Areas of Life worked out pretty well as they make easy to categorize things along with considering new things to be added and how they make an impact.

They can be thought of as the 4 pillars for balancing everything in life.

Update: March 2022

Still going strong with the newsletter and added some new aspects while removing some as well. I am continuing to implement new ideas and getting feedback from people while building out. I am looking to either switch to convertkit for later use or add a referral system to the newsletter to help growth.



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