Slow down to Speed up

If you’re always racing to the next moment then what happens to the one right now — Nanette Matthews

Mornings with Clarity

It’s easy to wake up and start working to ensure the day is accomplished. Starting off with writing your to-do list is important but what’s even more important is starting off on a good tone. Moments when you’re drinking that morning coffee or tea, walking your pet, getting some fresh air before getting to work.

Whatever that is for you find it and enjoy it to set a tone for the day.

Don’t fill every moment with Noise

The advice to learn new ideas comes from consuming podcasts, books, videos. While that is a good way to learn new things sometimes the moments of doing nothing are actually way more important.

Let your brain explore and connect ideas while you get lost in daydreams at times.

Listen to people when they talk

Might seem obvious but most of the time people are engaged in multitasking which leads to dispersed attention. This causes you to always ask people to repeat themselves or be indifferent to the conversations.

Focus on conversations by summarizing what the other person is saying in different words to maintain an engaging conversation

Find joy in what you are doing

It’s hard to feel good at times while doing work but if you can make it interesting for yourself it leaves your mood and quality of work in a better state. This might include adding music while working, having your favorite snack, etc.

Add a enjoyable flow to your work to get into a positive flow

Slow down and see your productivity speed up

It might feel like you are lagging behind but it’s all highlights and comparisons that are taking over your brain. Speeding up and burning out will only cause you to derail longer so instead slow it down and enjoy the ride.

Take a reminder each day to slow down and enjoy the journey rather than stress about the destination

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