Last week I spent the weekdays in Austin, TX. It was fun getting to explore and even seeing some snow which was unexpected but a good surprise.

To prep for the freezing temperatures, my friend and I had to cover the pipes outside the house, and because we procrastinated a little we had to do it late at night when it had already started raining and the wind was making everything cold.

A lesson learned is to do that earlier — when the sun ☀️ is out.

It got me thinking if there is a way you can push yourself in those moments when you are feeling lazy. I think I have found something and it’s all thanks to the Mel Robbins method.

Mel is an American Lawyer who became a self-help author and published two books named ‘The 5 Second Rule’ and ‘The High 5 Habit’.

She explained in her book what might seem like a simple rule that has exponential benefits when applied.

The best place to use it is when you need to act on a goal or a commitment.

Your brain gives you 5 seconds to act on something otherwise it will kill the idea. If you feel yourself hesitating before doing something you know you should do then count 5–4–3–2–1-GO and physically move your body. That’s all it takes!

The first place I am trying to use the rule is in the mornings. When the feeling of hitting snooze tries to overcome you but you know you need to wake up then count 5–4–3–2–1 and throw off the covers and lift off 🚀

Thanks for reading and have a good week.

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