The Successful “Seinfeld” Strategy for Eliminating Procrastination

The X marks the spot

You might be reading this and thinking so this is his strength right? Wrong!

His “superpower” is his insane consistency. Year after year, he produced high-quality work and has a bias for action. This is something Jerry Seinfeld said he learned and used during his career which made the biggest impact on his progress.

Photo by Eric Rothermel on Unsplash

The Seinfeld Strategy 📅

The story goes — One time Jerry Seinfeld was asked at a club by a young starting comedian on how to improve. Seinfeld was glad to be able to help and told him this simple action to take.

Fighting Procrastination Monster 👺

The top performs don’t focus on how they feel after a bad day or let the urgencies of life stop them. They get it done every single day and that is how they become the top performers.

  • Writing 10 pages a day ✅



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