The Successful “Seinfeld” Strategy for Eliminating Procrastination

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Sidd Chauhan
3 min readMar 9, 2022

It’s been called “The Friends before Friends” and while some may disagree on it. Seinfeld was one of the greatest shows ever! and they do agree on Jerry Seinfeld as one of the most successful comedians EVER!

Forbes even noted that at the peak of its airing, Seinfeld was on fire making $267 million dollars in 1998. That is after doing the math — $267,000,000 in 1998 as $447,188,963.19 today! All of this was done in one year.

His name is in the top-100 Comedians of all time and was the actor, co-creator, co-writer of Seinfeld.

You might be reading this and thinking so this is his strength right? Wrong!

His “superpower” is his insane consistency. Year after year, he produced high-quality work and has a bias for action. This is something Jerry Seinfeld said he learned and used during his career which made the biggest impact on his progress.

Now bringing this to how it affects us: We want to do more but struggle to create things, we want to achieve bigger goals but somehow and someway motivation just doesn’t come but procrastination does.

The question: What does he do that makes him so consistent? What are these strategies?

One of these strategies is called the “Seinfeld” method.

So let’s see it in action.

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The Seinfeld Strategy 📅

The story goes — One time Jerry Seinfeld was asked at a club by a young starting comedian on how to improve. Seinfeld was glad to be able to help and told him this simple action to take.

Since you’re starting out and want to create better jokes to perform then all you have to do is write every single day.

Seinfeld told him to get a big calendar that has the whole year on a single page and each day takes a marker to mark out the days with a big marker. Each day he did the writing for the day it was an improvement.

“After a few days, you’ll have a chain. Just keep at it and the chain will grow longer every day. You’ll like seeing that chain, especially when you get a few weeks under your belt. Your only job is to not break the chain.”

In the conversation above, it’s important to understand that there is no focus on the results.

All that matters is doing it each day. It could be days where the jokes were bad or days when they were good. It just has to be a ritual every day.

So how can YOU use this…

Fighting Procrastination Monster 👺

The top performs don’t focus on how they feel after a bad day or let the urgencies of life stop them. They get it done every single day and that is how they become the top performers.

Most people take it too personally if things don’t go well and fall back into their old habits.

Seinfeld” method suggests focusing on the process. Do whatever it takes to not break the chain.

Choose tasks that are simple to maintain and capable of producing the outcome you want in the long term. It’s important to understand that we need the task to be sustainable and adaptable to change.

Example of what is good tasks versus some not-so-good ones.

  • Writing a book a day ❎
  • Writing 10 pages a day ✅

The fight starts every day and it’s not about just winning once but getting the smalls wins every day. The longer the chain goes the faster things compound in your favor but remember this goes the same for bad habits as well.

Make it simple and sustainable you will see willpower and motivation become secondary, not necessary.

Just don’t break the chain but if you do restart on building again 😀.

Note: Here is a vertical calendar for cheap if you’d like to try this strategy out.



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